Vacuum Chuck

Vacuum Chuck VCC-3140

• Clamping any non-magnetic materials.

• No sealing strip required.

• Can be used with coolant flushing.

• Can be used with protection board.

• Can be milled and drilled through.

(Customization is available)


They can be quickly sucked onto the processed workpieces made of any materials.

Applicable for cutting and grinding of materials such as: aluminum, copper, PVC, ceramics, glass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, light metal, heavy metal and other non-magnetic planes.

1. Vacuum degree can reach 95 KPA ±5%

2. Design of the vacuum chuck: The vacuum chuck containsvacuum chamber, special flow channel and pressure sensor mechanism. Save the vacuum energy consumption and improve the vacuum suction.

3. Special silicone soft jaws can overcome the easy deformed materials (such as plastic, stainlessness steel), achieving the best vacuum degree.

4. With aluminum soft jaws, fulfilling repeatable grinding and fast positioning, drilling, tapping and milling grooves. Achieve five face machining ability, the processing efficiency is greatly improved.



Our advantages:

1. No need to place silicone strips during processing, can be freely placed on the surface of the plate for suction.

2. Designed using the principle of pressure difference, other ventilation holes do not need to be blocked!

3. Can process cutting fluid.

4. Can process through-holes, making it more convenient to use.

5. Can be paired with aluminum alloy protective plate design positioning points, convenient for processing applications, aluminum alloy protective plate can be replaced for use.

6. Can be paired with silicone protective plate to overcome the uneven state of the workpiece.





Water filter set:

Including water purifier, vacuum filter and manual control modules.