Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Features of the electro-permanent magnetic chuck:

1. KCPM series product have strong magnetic power (4 magnetic poles)

2. Electro-permanent magnetic design; 1-2 seconds to magnetize/demagnetize, does not require constant power supply during usage, no temperature rise, fit for long-term use, precision will not be affected by deformations to the workpiece from rising temperatures.

3. Use in coordination with the induction block, the tools will be able to move freely when machining, five-sides machining, drilling, tapping, groove milling, molding can be completed all at once, which significantly increases work efficiency and reduces the repeated position tolerance to achieve the precision requirement.

4. Shortens the workpiece placement time, the clamping area can evenly cover the complete machining range, able to work on multiple workpieces at the same time, improves machining processing time.


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