Switch-type permanent magnetic workstation fixture system


The all-new KCB series, “Switch-type permanent magnetic workstation fixture system” is a brand-new work clamp concept, and is used in large-scale vertical-type and horizontal-type CNC machine, also called the milling machine. It can quickly clamp onto workpieces, perform 5-sides machining, complete drilling, tapping, groove milling all at once; it saves the processing procedure by reducing the repeated allowable tolerance from excessive processing procedures, increasing the work efficiency and drastically decreasing the processing cost.
Able to adjust the numbers, positions, and clearances between the magnetic workstations based on the size of the workpiece.
The KCB series come with the replaceable “soft magnetic clamp”, which can be refined directly on the machine before clamping the workpiece for machining. It is able to carry out precise positioning processing regardless whether the machine is made for precision work. The “soft magnetic clamp” can also be drilled, tapped or groove-milled directly when machining the workpieces. There are many functions for the “soft magnetic clamp”; users can create their own depending on the different types of workpieces required. 

Application and scope:

Suitable for the machining of medium and large workpieces.

The replaceable “Induction soft block” can perform multifunctional clamping of workpieces.

Minimum requirement is a workpiece with an area larger than 2 magnetic workstations.

This magnetic workstation is not suitable for clamping small workpieces.


1.   Before processing the clamped workpiece, ensure it is switched to the “ON” position.

2.   The principle of this magnetic workpiece is the N.S. switch in magnetic polarity, thus, when clamping the workpiece, please place the workpiece in the middle of the magnetic workstation; if the workpiece is placed near one side, then the workpiece cannot be clamped.

3.   This magnetic workpiece is not suitable for clamping small workpieces, or non-magnetic materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and metal alloys. The minimum requirement is a workpiece with an area larger than 2 magnetic workstations.


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