Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck KCPM-CIRMA-A

1. Suitable in use for combine with Rotary type Surface Grinding Machine, CNC 5 Axis Machining Center...etc.

(Pole Size 35X35 mm, Magnetic Force 580 kgf/4 Poles).


  (Customization is available)

1. Electro-permanent magnetic design,1~10 seconds for power ON & OFF. No need  to keep power supply, without temperature rise which is available for long time use. The accuracy will not be affected by the deformation of the workpiece due to the increase in temperature.

2. With induction soft block, it is available to do 5 face machining, drilling, tapping, slotting, shaping in one time clamping, saving the machining process which reduces the repetitive tolerance due to the complicate process.

3. Shorten the set up time of the workpieces, the clamping area can cover the entire working area.
 Improve the processing efficiency by multiple workpieces machining at the same time.   

1. KCPM-CIRMA-A: Suitable for thin & small workpiece. (Pole Size 35X35 mm, Magnetic Force 580 kgf/4 Poles).
2. KCPM-CIRMA-B: Suitable for thin & medium workpiece.(Pole Size 50X50 mm, Magnetic Force 1250 kgf/4 Poles).
3. Minimum size of workpiece required as 4 alternate magnetic square poles and above contacts is necessary for
optimum clamping.



2.Spring Block KCPM-SP